Metal, Stainless, Pressed Tin Splashbacks

Welcome to Newcastle Alternate Splashbacks, where we specialize in providing high-quality metal splashbacks that are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Our products offer a durable and contemporary design that will enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen or bathroom.

Metal Splashbacks:

Designer metal splashbacks are an excellent option for homeowners looking to add a modern touch to their kitchen. Our range of metal splashbacks includes composite panels, and pressed metal solid aluminium splashbacks. We offer a variety of finishes, including aged, antiqued, classic brass, bronze, patina, brushed and oxidized coppers, and blackened aluminum, giving you the freedom to create a unique look for your kitchen. They can be easily installed behind stoves and hot plates, without requiring any special metalworking tools or grout.

Stainless Steel Splashbacks:

Our stainless steel splashbacks are a popular choice among homeowners due to their resistance to rust, stain, and corrosion. They are perfect for any kitchen style and have been trending among designers for many years due to their unyielding nature, both aesthetically and functionally. You can bring light into a dark space with our selection of stainless steel splashbacks.

Pressed Metal Splashbacks:

Our pressed metal splashbacks are made from aluminium panels, which make them ideal for a decorative surface due to their thin and malleable nature. With endless design options, you can add intricate detailing to your feature kitchen or bathroom. Choose from a range of patterns and colours to create the perfect centrepiece.

Pressed Metal Bathroom Splashbacks:

Pressed metal bathroom splashbacks have become a popular architectural feature, providing protection for areas prone to moisture. Transform your white walls with pattern impressions and panel designs and add vigour to your home. Use pressed metal splashbacks to create depth, dimension, and light to any bathroom size or induce a sense of relaxation and calmness to a lifeless space.

At Newcastle Alternate Splashbacks, we pride ourselves on offering Class 1 Fire Rated, low maintenance, and extremely price competitive products. With our extensive range of finishes, we’re confident that we can provide you with the perfect metal splashback to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards creating a stylish and contemporary look for your home or business.

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Alternate Splashbacks are a certified and recommended installer custom colour acrylics and glass across Sydney, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Your new splashback can be fitted to meet your size and budget requirements. Our products are heat and water resistant, and are backed by a warranty.

Choose the brightest hues, a neutral tone or a metallic finish. You can even provide us with artwork or graphics to add creative flair to your home or delight your customers.

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